Type 2440 is equipped with four arms with a total capacity of 2025 Kg. The default is made in securing eye what your container is guaranteed for 1,500 Kg. For example: a statement made to one side of a 20ft. shipping container has a carrying capacity, based on four lashing eyes, of 6,000 kg.Patent #7651065.


  • Gewichtt 5kg
  • Max. Tragkraft 1.500kg (lHaltering)
  • Höhe 1¸20 meter
  • Breidte 0¸40 meter


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  • Prices
  • 1 < 50 €79¸00 a piece
  • 50 > 100 €69¸00 a piece
  • > 100 €59¸00 a piece
  • All prices in euro, excluding VAT and transport costs.



Container-shelves within 2 minuts!

Are you using 20ft ISO containers equipped with shelves for storage of tools, materials or other cargo.

Then you must have encountered situations that you needed a container without shelving when you had shelves installed and vice versa. Containerbracket.com offers a fully proofed system that offers flexibility at low costs : the patented bracket shelve system.

With the container- bracket system you can install shelving within minutes and remove them in even less time.

Easy to install even for you!


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